Puppy Training Programme

Puppy Training Programme will give you a very helpful and gentle guideline how to teach, socialise your puppy on a positive and effective way. Additionally and more importantly, this Training Programme will help you and your puppy how to prevent and avoid “typical” dangerous situations.

Puppy Training Programme

The most determining period of dogs’ lives is the first 4 months. Dogs’ minds are the most perceptive during this short period. 

A good learning foundation is essential to raise a confident, happy, well-socialised , well-mannered dog. 

But I need to emphasise that your beloved furry friend is non-stop learning, not just when you are training her. Positive experiences throughout her life and trainings will multiply the chance of having a confident adult dog in the future. 

Loving your puppy and socializing, training her via positive experiences does not mean being out of control.

I want to know more!

This Programme is for puppies aged from 12 weeks and above
I’m using just and only positive reinforce techniques such as clicker training, obedience training and relaxation training techniques and practices.

Before we start training together, a Behavioural Analysis needs to be conducted. 
The reason is simple: I will know more about you and your dog, and so we can understand any occurring problems, furthermore I can personalise your progression plan in advance and tailor it to your and your four-legged friend’s needs.

The Programme includes 10 hands on, one-on-one, 1.5 hour trainings.
After every training I will send you the tasks we practised together and you will need to practise them with your dog till the next training session. 
You’ll get a gift pack in the beginning and an extra session for free at the end of the 10 sessions. This will be an assessment session, when we can discuss your dog’s progress and further needs.

We will learn about the followings:
- Habituating to human touch
- Exploring her environment
- Eye contact
- The backbone of our initial training : “yes” and “no”
- Clicker training
- Whistle training
- Basic cues: sit, down, stay, wait, stop
- Recall indoors/ garden /outdoors
- Lead training , walk on and off lead
- Socialising her with other people, dogs, animals, traffic, travelling by car or bus, grooming, visiting vet, “relax”
- Redirecting her from unwanted behaviour, e.g.: pulling on the lead, jumping, chewing, door issues, potty problems, separation anxiety, whining, crying 
- Object control , “leave it”, “drop it”
- Tricks : High five, roll over etc. 

You can make your puppy's improvement super fast and drilled, if you practise with her regularly, on a daily basis ( 20-30 minutes a day ) and not just on our training sessions.
Every dog has different abilities, capabilities, temperaments and backgrounds. Your dog’s improvement is depending on YOU first of all. Please, be patient, understanding, supportive with your dog and with yourself as well. The improvement happens only step-by-step. 
Don't forget, Rome was not built in a day...

This outstanding Programme with the extraordinary support costs £40 per session, in total £400 plus you'll get the 11th session for free and don't forget about a goodie bag...

If you do not have time to practise with your puppy between our sessions, I can offer additional practice for discounted price

My phone and online support is always there for you, if you feel stuck, hesitant - even if you have finished the Programme.