One on one training

Every dog has different abilities, capabilities, temperaments and backgrounds. Your dog’s improvement is depending on YOU first of all. Please, be patient, understanding, supportive with your dog and with yourself as well. The improvement happens only step-by-step.
Don't forget, Rome was not built in a day...

Building Bond Programme

Do you have an adolescent or adult dog? Do you have a rescue dog? 

Do yo want to 
- teach your dog the basic cues?
- keep your dog under control?
- walk with your dog on loose lead?
- understand your dog’s language?
- spend your time together relaxed and in harmony?

If the answer is YES for all of these questions, I can help you both.

Oh yes! I want to know more! I need this!

This Programme is for dogs aged from 20 weeks and above.

I’m using just and only positive reinforce techniques such as clicker training, obedience training and relaxation training techniques and practices

Before we start training together, a
Behavioural Analysis needs to be conducted. 
The reason is simple: I will know more about you and your dog, and so we can understand any occurring problems, furthermore I can personalise your progression plan in advance and tailor it to your and your four-legged friend’s needs.

The Programme includes 10 hands on, one-on-one, 1.5 hour trainings.
After every training I will send you the tasks we practised together and you will need to practise them with your dog till the next training session. 
You’ll get a gift pack in the beginning and an extra session for free at the end of the 10 sessions. This will be an assessment session, when we can discuss your dog’s progress and further needs. 

We will learn the followings :
- How to use clicker and whistle
- Get your dog to listen to the basic cues such as “yes”, “no”,“sit”, “down”, “stay”, “go”, “wait”, “stay”
- How to have your dog’s attention in any circumstances  
- Recall indoors / garden / outdoors / on/off lead
- Lead training : walking on loose leash, heeling
- Object control : “leave it”, “drop it”
- Eye contract
- Car control
- “Relax”
- Tricks
- Analysing occurring misbehaviour.

You can make your dog’s improvement super fast and drilled, if you practise with her regularly, on a daily basis ( 20-30 minutes a day ) and not just on our training sessions.

This outstanding Programme with the extraordinary support costs £40 per session, in total £400 plus you'll get the 11th session for free and don't forget about a goodie bag...

If you do not have time to practise with your dog between our sessions, I can offer additional practice for discounted price

My phone and online support is always there for you, if you feel stuck, hesitant - even if you have finished the Programme.

I've got lack of time...

The Programmes proved by MyPETiquette are designed to establish a really close bond between you and your beloved pet, boost your own and your dog’s confidence and last but not least teach your dog socially acceptable manners

I understand if you have extremely busy life and do not have enough time to practise with your dog day by day. 
I would like to give you extra help and support in order to achieve your aims as soon as possible. 

How does it work?
While you are working or completing other tasks, I practise with your dog – strictly by following your personalised progression plan. I will not teach any new tasks to your dog without you, just help her to practise what we have learnt together before. Obviously, you can join us any time, even if you have just a few minutes.
Each additional 1 hour long practice session is half prize ; £20 per session. 

" One off " Consultation

Are you planning to have a dog, but no idea which would be the right one for you? How should you prepare for the new family member’s arrival?

Or have you already got one?! Are you facing any challenges with him/her?
Are you looking for professional support, answers to your questions, concerns? 

You might just need a bit of guidance to be back on track again. 
And so,I offer “One-off” Consultations as well.
The consultation is held in the convenience of your own home, written recommendations are given to you to have it as a compact reference. The consultation is £40 per hour.

Please note: complex behaviour issues cannot be resolved with one or two sessions.
I strongly believe in the power of consistency and appropriate training, because they deliver long-lasting results and help to build the bond between you and your beloved pet much better. If you really want to achieve significant improvement in your dog’s behaviour, I would kindly suggest to choose any of MyPETiquette Programmes.                                                                                            
( Building Bond Programme , Behaviour Modification Programme ,
  Puppy Training Programme

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