Behavioural Consultation

Behavioural Analysis can highlight and help to understand some of the reasons of the certain misbehaviours, problems.
Dog aggression is not so neatly segregated. It is rare to see a dog with only one type of dog aggression, and an aggressive dog may also have other behaviour problems.
Behavioural Consultation is necessary in order to understand exactly what the dog’s triggers are, therefore we can find solutions easier to them.

You need Behavioural Consultation, if

 * you would like to understand some of the reasons of the certain misbehaviours, problems and find solutions to them. Behavioural Analysis is a MUST in order to get to know your dog’s background and understand the cause and effect.
* you have experienced any of the following problems :
- barking
- lead pulling 
- jumping

- chewing
- door issues
- potty problems
- separation anxiety
- obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD like licking, spinning and tail chasing, fly snapping, light chasing )
- any fears or phobias ( e.g.: fear of cars, children, going to the vet, noise phobias, etc. )
- aggression ( dog-human aggression, dog-dog aggression, fear aggresion, leash aggression, territorial aggression, resource guarding )

I  definitely need this!

How do we conduct a Behavioural Analysis?

1.  Get in touch with me via phone, email or facebook.
2. Adapting to your commitments we arrange an appointment. (See Terms and conditions about Booking and Payment )
3. Behavioural Consultation is about 2-3 hours long (It depends on the issue/s you would like to work on) and it takes place in the convenience of your own home / your dog's everyday environment. I will ask many questions, take notes, observe your dog’s behaviour and go for a short walk with you and your dog. Feel free to ask at any point of the assessment.
4. You will receive a full and comprehensive written report of the assessment and recommendations within 3 days via email. The consultation is £40 per hour.

Follow-up sessions are available and recommended. I will offer the most suitable form of training depending on the problems you and your beloved pet facing with (for example : Behaviour Modification Programme, One on one training, Puppy Training Programme,   One-off Consultation).

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