Hannah Lauringer

" Having a well-behaved dog is a by-product of having a relationship based on love, respect and understanding. "

Where did it start? My experiences

Where did it start?

    As a child I would have done everything to have my own puppy ( as most of the children would do). But after careful consideration and agreement with my parents, we decided not to have a puppy as our circumstances did not meet a dog’s needs. But we were working hard to do all the necessary changes needed to have a new fluffy family member.  
    During this time, I read all the relevant literature in dog-keeping, training, I visited different dog schools, I was volunteering as a dog walker, and doing a bit of dog rescuing. I wanted to be as well-prepared as possible by the time my puppy comes after a long waiting period. 
I still remember the night when the 6 weeks old Saint Bernard puppy, named Chili arrived. My happiness was indescribable. We had been learning and improving nicely and smoothly together during the years we spent together. Me and my family gave her as much love and care as imaginable. She was well-socialised, controlled, well-behaved and balanced member of our family. But on a sad autumn day I lost her. Large and giant-breed dogs are at higher risk to suffer from Gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome (GDV). Our veterinarian could not save her life. 

    In remembrance of her, I made a vow to turn all my knowledge and experience to other dogs and their owners’ benefits.

My experiences

    As I mentioned before dogs have played a significant role in my life, and being able to turn my passion to my profession is a real blessing.
   In the last 10 years I tried to extend my knowledge in dog training and behaviour, not just in theory, but in real practice as well.
Studying dogs' communication and behaviour have been always the most fascinating topics for me. But after many years of experience and practice it became clear that family dog training and dog aggression are the fields I can genuinely help and better human-dog partnership.
   The most remarkable experience during my studies was Julia Domotor’s dog trainer course. It helped to systematize and widen my knowledge. The following subjects were assessed
• ethology of wolves
• the origin of dogs
• human-dog relation
• stages of life of puppies and adult dogs
• possible reasons of various behaviour problems
• methodology of cooperation and self-control tasks
• techniques for working with dog owners
• practical training with puppy and adult classes
• dog first aid
• agility basics
• frisbee basics
Earning my official qualification as a professional dog trainer was an acknowledgement of all my experiences. 

My thirst for knowledge seems to be growing ever since; I keep attending different dog training related courses.
The most recent courses I completed successfully were Dog Massage and Scentwork courses.
My aim is to make clients and their doggies feel safe while we are working together, Therefore I take dog first aid courses on a regular basis.

In order to provide the most convenient and reliable care to your pet, I am fully insured and DBS checked.

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