Dog walking

We all know, that dogs need exercises on daily basis. It doesn't matter if it is raining, snowing. They need it. 
Probably dog walking is the most critical part of having a reactive dog.

Do you really need to give up your plans because you cannot just ask "someone" to help you out with walking your pet?!
The majority of dog walkers are organising just group walks, how can your dog fit in there?
What if your dog's reactivity cannot be handled by incompetent help?
The answer is:

Strucured walk

You don’t need to give up your plans and social life just because your beloved pooch is struggling with anxiety, reactivity. It doesn’t mean the she/he is bad! It means she/he is even more special, therefore she/he needs special care.

Structured walk means stimulating your dog during walk not just physically but mentally as well. It sounds serious and maybe boring. But don’t worry, it’s wrapped up in different games praised with treats to make the walk even more entertaining.

Most importantly, your pet will be in safe hands, because:
- she/he will have the maximum attention as I take only your dog, maximum two dogs if they are from the same household
- she/he will be with a professional, as I’m a certified dog trainer and behaviourist
- I’m Canine First Aid trained, fully insured and DBS checked.

Structured walk costs £15 per hour. There is no extra charge for weekends or bank holidays.

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